Tim Pw  Sculptor /  Artist
"Power Figure""Cemento Santo""Ornithology Enthusiast"Glory'Facticius and Facere'"Reverse Cargo Cult Altar"HierarchySpeed Bag (Not in the Face!)"Affirmation""An Entelodon Astride Two Serpents" detail"An Entelodon Astride Two Serpents"Scepter"Ensign"  "Neander""Neander" detail"Fire is the Sun unwinding Itself from the Tree""Fire is the Sun unwinding Itself from the Tree""Deep Sea, Ox Blood""Deep Sea, Ox Blood""Protection from Evil""Where there is Faith, there will always be room for Doubt.""Where there is Faith, there will always be room for Doubt." detail"Armature for a Giant""Sylvia"""Amulet""Now It Can Be Told""Now It Can Be Told" detail"Loggerhead Turtle"  Commissioned sculpture.One Person Sized Meditation Temple"Colossus""Monolithic""In the Future, all forms of manual labor will be performed with the assistance of Robots"  (Robot Wheelbarrow)Shaman's PliersDownspoutTime ConsumerTheomorphic7/16"sStasisUntitled (Purse Head)
"I’m interested in making objects that function in some way, but have no prosaic or practical purpose. In my work, I’m trying to practice some sort of ‘low level alchemy’, transforming reclaimed materials into something new, but nebulous at the same time."